A Claim by the Baldwins Our little guy, who was just 4 years old, skipped out on Brookside Elementary School all by himself.

A Claim by the Baldwins Our little guy, who was just 4 years old, skipped out on Brookside Elementary School all by himself

A Baldwin family claims that their 4-year-old son was given permission to leave Brookside Elementary School alone.

Apparently, when Jean Lavelanet arrived to pick up his son Lukas on September 12th, he was informed that his kid had been removed from the premises.

I was afraid someone would have abducted him or he might have been run over by a vehicle, Lavelanet explains. Everything that could have gone wrong did almost.

Thinking she may lose her grandchild was devastating for the child’s grandmother, too.

Lukas’s family claims that after wandering about for a quarter of a mile, he found himself at a crossroads in the nearby town of Freeport.

The family claims that Lukas was found by a kind stranger and returned to them with the assistance of school personnel.

However, the Baldwin Union Free School District claims the boy was with pals when he left campus and writes, “A child left the departure line to go home with a buddy, and the two of them were soon joined by other students and their families.

District officials wasted little time in mobilizing security personnel and the general public to aid in the search for the missing toddler. Within 20 minutes, the youngster and his family were discovered along with the other missing children.”

According to Lavelanet, his kid should have never been permitted to leave school premises, and he wants to make sure this never occurs again.

It was sad and scary, and Lavelanet thinks no parent should have to go through what she did.

Baldwin Union Free School District officials have pledged to make changes to dismissal policies in the wake of this incident.

On Monday, Lukas started his first day of Catholic school after being removed from the district by his parents.

Lavelanet says he is a graduate of Baldwin High School and had a good time there, but his parents are reluctant to send their kid back to the district for the time being.

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