A Long Island family is asking for $20 million after their son was shot by an NYPD officer.

A Long Island family is asking for $20 million after their son was shot by an NYPD officer

SELDEN, Long Island (WABC) — SELDEN, Long Island As a result of a confrontation that took place at their residence on Long Island with an NYPD officer who was armed with a gun, the family is requesting compensation in the amount of $20 million for the damages they have sustained as a result of the incident.

In the wake of a road rage incident involving their college-aged son, Devon Tyme and Michelle Ritchie, who reside in Selden, allege that NYPD Officer Douglas Debonet accosted them on their porch about a month ago. The event occurred shortly after the incident. The town of Selden is the most likely candidate for the location of the event.

On July 23, in a fit of rage, Debonet reportedly attacked and damaged the rearview mirror that was located on the passenger side of the car that belonged to Dillon Tyme. The counsel for both sides have confirmed this information. This said occurrence is said to have taken place on the side of the vehicle that was occupied by people.

The family claims that many hours later, Debonet came back to their home and started a heated conversation with them about race before getting into a confrontation with them. They characterized themselves as having suffered severe psychological damage as a result of the encounter.

The family has now initiated legal action against Debonet as well as the New York Police Department, arguing that the officer had inadequate training and that he should not have been permitted to carry a weapon in the first place. The family is seeking compensation for the loss of their loved one. After learning that their loved one had been murdered by the cop, the family decided to take legal action and file the complaint.

The attorney who is defending the family, David Woycik, said that “they knew or should have known of his prior illegal or unauthorized actions and conduct.” [Citation needed] They were aware, or should have been aware, of his history of engaging in activities that were either unlawful or unapproved. He should not have been allowed to become a police officer or to hold a firearm in the first place due to his questionable moral character.

Woycik asserts that the earlier event involving road rage that led to Debonet’s state of irascibility was the reason why Debonet was so upset. Dillon had the unsettling sensation that someone was following him, so he decided to drive past his house and stop at a traffic light when he got near enough. When he did this, he saw that the person was really following him.

According to the reports, Debonet, who was dressed as a civilian at the time, approached the victim’s vehicle while hiding his identity. He then shattered the victim’s car window and threatened to kill him if he ever saw him on his street again. It was at this time that he cracked the side mirror of the car, as his family have said, according to his relatives.

Before he paid a visit to them at their house, the family had the impression that the problem had been fixed; nevertheless, he found out that this was not the case.

“This officer, Douglas Debonet, then said to Devon, ‘you’re not wanted here, people don’t want you here,'” Douglas Debonet said. The memory of Douglas Debonet was jogged. Woycik recalled the officer’s words, which went something like this: “imparting a racist connotation and an insult.” When a gun was drawn on them, they were taken aback and horrified, and they will have to cope with the aftereffects of this traumatic experience for the rest of their lives.

A number of charges, including aggravated assault and threatening behavior with a dangerous weapon, have been leveled against Debonet as part of the legal action that has been taken against him.

The New York City Police Department has decided to place him on administrative leave without pay at this time.

In response to the demands made by the family, the suspect in question is now being examined for a variety of possible criminal offenses, including assault and trespassing.

The words “I no longer feel comfortable in my own home; it is very impossible for me to be there” were attributed to Ritchie.

Eyewitness News has reached out to both the New York Police Department and the city law department, but none of them has replied to our questions or requests for information.

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