Finally, the first segment of the third track expansion for the Long Island Rail Road has been finished.

Finally, the first segment of the third track expansion for the Long Island Rail Road has been finished.

New York‘s NEW HYDE PARK — On Monday, after decades of debate and four years of building, Long Island Rail Road trains started using a brand new third track on the main line through Nassau County.

According to Carolyn Gusoff of CBS2, the megaproject is anticipated to substantially increase system capacity and reliability.

Everyone is invited. A new era has begun for LIRR travel. On the main line, three parallel tracks are now operational, enhancing capacity by eliminating a bottleneck.

“Over 900 and 600 trains, respectively. Amazingly, this kind of expansion is possible. This means that more people will have access to speedier travel, more consistency, and less inconvenience “Governor Kathy Hochul made the following statement.

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo redesigned the $2.6 billion project, which had been postponed for decades owing to community opposition, to reconstruct the nation’s busiest commuter line without destroying nearby homes.

Since the 1840s, there have been just two tracks on the main line.

“This program is a game-changer for Long Island. As a consequence, parents will be able to come home and see their children sooner, boosting the value of Long Island.” The comment was issued by Kyler Strober, executive director of the Association for Better Long Island.

Reverse commuting, the key to Long Island’s capacity to recruit employees, will become a reality for the first time with 53 extra reverse trains on the main line alone, according to MTA CEO Janno Lieber.

The opening leg extends from Queens Village to Merillon Avenue/Garden City. Additional segments, including additional platforms, shelters, and WiFi, will be introduced in the next weeks, spanning a 10-mile area.

“Any delay clogged the whole system, and many of these delays were a result of the often hit low bridges. We eliminated them “Lieber remarked.

Some have paid a greater price for development than others. Along the path, neighbors were exposed to noise and the installation of large power poles.

“Construction has been a nightmare for us. You can see in this location what we have experienced every day for the last three years “Garden City resident Haiyan Sui commented.

The LIRR Commuter Council’s Gerard Bringmann termed it a game-changer.

“Delays are always a problem. Now that we have an additional track, if a train breaks down, they can reroute traffic around it.” In accordance with Bringmann

Ironically, the railroad is still operating at just 60% of pre-COVID levels despite the extra capacity. This enhanced riding experience, according to the governor, will encourage people to return.

According to the MTA, the project was finished ahead of schedule and $100 million under budget. It should be completed by April of the following year.

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