Long Island’s Moe’s Southwest Grill participates in a number of charitable events and causes throughout the year.

Long Island's Moe's Southwest Grill participates in a number of charitable events and causes throughout the year

Ryan Monahan, a local Moe’s franchisee, believes that it is imperative to “pay it forward” to the community as a result of his business success.

While many Long Islanders are familiar with Moe’s Southwest Grill of Long Island‘s 15 (and soon to be 16) locations for their great Mexican-style food and welcoming ambience, they may be unaware of the restaurant chain’s dedication to giving back to the communities they serve.

Lynbrook native and current Moe’s of Long Island co-owner Ryan Monahan got his start in the franchise business in his twenties alongside his cousin. The company now has 15 locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Erik Boe, the marketing director for Moe’s Long Island, claims that Monahan, as a way to “pay it forward” to the community that has supported him over the years and to help the less fortunate, organizes a number of fundraising events and encourages local schools and non-profits to work with Moe’s on their own fundraising efforts.

One of his favorite parts of his job is “building links and partnerships throughout our Long Island communities,” he says. Examples of community service include taking part in a memorial walk, attending a school event, or donating time, money, or supplies to a local charity or group. It makes me happy to know that my company values its employees’ participation in local causes.”

‘Burritos for Angels’ is Moe’s inaugural fundraising effort, whereby the company provides free food to ‘heroes’ from local 501(c)(3) organizations and schools so that they, in turn, may provide food for the needy. Because of this, Monahan felt it was vital to remind people of the altruistic people who work endlessly to help the underprivileged.

Moe’s “Burritos for Angels” campaign has donated to several deserving causes, including EAC, Angels of Long Island, and MADD. Benefits extended to Habitat for Humanity as well, as the organization was able to continue its work in Suffolk County constructing affordable housing. Boe claims that in order to keep these heroes energized and motivated, Moe’s staff will bring several of their delicious menu items to them at their place of work.

To that end, he encouraged us to do more by saying, “The chats and anecdotes exchanged about the organization’s influence are really wonderful.” Every organization’s efforts to better not just their local community, but all of Long Island, are very inspiring. Giving back to these extraordinary people who give their time and energy for free is humbling.”

Guacamole-making classes for Girl Scouts are just one of the ways Moe’s gives back to the community. This program gives young women the opportunity to learn how to cook a nutritious dinner and then enjoy the fruits of their labor while also providing them with the motivation to achieve higher ranks in the Girl Scouts.

More than 45 classes have been offered under this initiative since it began in February. As Boe put it. When asked how they felt about leading their troops, “can’t wait to do it again!” is a common positive answer. The Scouts’ positive reactions, including laughing and grins, suggest that they had a good time.”

Moe’s is happy to provide its “Love Living Local” social media outreach initiative, which spotlights the many wonderful community events happening all across Long Island and promotes what makes the island such a desirable place to live.

Boe claims that Moe’s has been a longtime supporter of several educational institutions on Long Island and has contributed to numerous fundraising efforts on their behalf throughout the years.

“We at Moe’s are happy to accommodate local charities in their efforts to raise money for important causes by arranging fundraising events at our restaurant.” He said, “Right now, we have in-store fundraisers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.” After settling on a date, we’ll create a flyer for the group’s internal distribution. If you bring in this flyer on the day of the in-store fundraiser, we’ll give 35% of your purchase price to the cause. The flyer may be seen in hard copy or as an image on a mobile device. If you make an online purchase and would want to participate in the campaign, you may do so by specifying in the comments box that the money is being donated to a certain cause.”

Moe’s will gladly provide food to be served at a school’s or 501(c)(3) organization’s upcoming fundraiser at cost; however much the school wishes to charge fundraiser attendees above that cost is up to them, and the difference is retained by the school. p>Examples of such schools include Stony Brook University and Hofstra University.

If a school doesn’t have a suitable location, either on or off campus, for their fundraiser, a local Moe’s will gladly provide a portion of the day’s proceeds to the institution. Moe’s offers an online fundraising tool and often sponsors local Long Island sports teams.

The fundraising events we put on are designed to be enjoyable for everybody! As Boe put it. The best aspect of having an in-store fundraiser is enjoying a delicious dinner with your loved ones while simultaneously supporting a good cause, as one donor put it.

“Whether you’re having a night in or going out with company, you can still help your charity while enjoying amazing food,” Boe remarked.

More than $230,000 worth of food was donated by Moe’s of Long Island to various groups in need last year. The company and its owners are ecstatic with this success.

The East Meadow, Garden City, and Oceanside stores on Long Island are receiving comprehensive renovations to give them a completely new appearance and feel as part of the chain’s new construction initiatives. In addition, Moe’s is planning to expand into New Jersey and is getting ready for the big opening of its 16th site in West Babylon, which is set for the end of September.

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