Arsenic was discovered in the drinking water of a Manhattan NYCHA building, prompting an investigation by a federal monitor.

Arsenic was discovered in the drinking water of a Manhattan NYCHA building, prompting an investigation by a federal monitor

THE BIG APPLE – Tens of thousands of people on the Lower East Side were told not to use their tap water for drinking or cooking for many days, prompting a federal probe.

CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported that arsenic was found in alarming quantities in the NYCHA’s Jacob Riis Houses, which stretch over six blocks.

As one insider put it, the matter is being treated with “very, tremendously seriousness.”

Toxic levels of arsenic were found in the drinking water system of a NYCHA building in the East Village.

Residents spent their holiday weekend scavenging for donated cases of water. Earlier this summer, several unconvinced witnesses reportedly told Rozner that they had seen changes in the water.

On Sunday night, Migdalia Gonzalez, a resident of the Jacob Riis Houses, showed Rozner that the water coming out of her faucet was safe to drink. Once arsenic was found in the pipes, the municipal advised residents to let the water run for three hours.

NYCHA’s federally mandated watchdog monitor, Bart Schwartz, notified officials on Sunday while Mayor Eric Adams was taking pictures of residents receiving free cases of bottled water to “ensure the integrity of any investigation” and to “preserve all documents related to this issue,” including electronic and paper communications, test results, and timelines.

A representative from NYCHA said, “We don’t need to worry about storing any more documents or data since NYCHA currently has it all. We promise to be honest and forthright with the public at all times.”

Residents claim they have been calling 311 nonstop for many weeks.

It’s been a week, as Fuaco Abreu of Brazil pointed out, since the water turned brown.

Someone last month provided CBS2 footage of what looked like muddy water coming out of a sink.

Despite NYCHA having begun testing the water for arsenic levels last month, the mayor’s administration maintains that there is no evidence linking the cloudiness to arsenic levels.

Testing last week revealed “arsenic levels over the federal drinking water guideline,” a spokesman said.

Arsenic at 10 parts per billion has been considered safe by the US Environmental Protection Agency since 2001. The municipal reported that arsenic levels in Jacob Riis flats were between 12 and 14 ppb.

“There have been three days since my last shower and now. The wipe is what I use “As Abreu put it. Because a shower in such water may leave you feeling like fire is licking at your skin.

“Even if the findings were inconclusive and revealed a potentially harmful amount of arsenic, I will give NYCHA and the health authorities credit for taking action on this matter. They were cautious since one result was found to be below the EPA threshold.” The Manhattan Borough President, Mark Levine, has made the following statement: “It took a while for testing to pick back up after the first complaint was lodged. Another issue is the delay in getting these findings back, which I believe occurred between August 12 and 13. About two weeks have passed since then, as far as I can tell.” According to Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.

The latest set of samples will be analyzed on Monday to establish future actions.

The city claims that this problem is exclusive to the Jacob Riis Houses and that the rest of the city’s drinking water is OK to consume.

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