Drivers in New York City say it’s “nearly impossible” to locate a parking spot on the street.

Drivers in New York City say it's nearly impossible to locate a parking spot on the street

Increased automobile ownership, eating shelters, and the return of alternate-side parking are making it more difficult than ever to acquire space.

More than ever, New York City automobile owners watching “Seinfeld” on Netflix may empathize with George Costanza’s displeasure over parking locations.

As with so much else, the pandemic is to responsible for aggravating a state that was horrible even three decades ago during the “Seinfeld” age. As a result of some New Yorkers avoiding the subway during the Covid epidemic, automobile ownership in the city soared by 224% in 2021.

Even if the pace has slowed this year, the work-from-home tendency bans the disposal of many automobiles, and pandemic-era food shelters continue to dominate public space. In addition, New Yorkers must struggle with the restoration of a law mandating drivers to relocate their street-parked automobiles twice a week throughout the day to make place for garbage sweeps. For two years, drivers were only needed to do so once per week. Everything is working against parking convenience.

While parking troubles were utilized for darkly hilarious effect on “Seinfeld,” the matter is anything but entertaining for people who confront it in real life today.

“It was horrible enough before Covid,” said Dawn Kelly, a 61-year-old Crown Heights, Brooklyn, housing attorney. Today, she continues, it is incredibly impossible to acquire parking as no one is moving their cars.

only Kelly’s alternative is to give up her car: a recent back surgery has impaired her mobility, so she travels to work every day and to visit family members in a nursing home once a week. She adds that parking places and monthly paid garages are extremely pricey and infrequent in her area. This drives her to sometimes schedule her entire weekend around parking her automobile.

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