The Democrats won’t survive a climate catastrophe, and that’s a lesson we can learn from Martha’s Vineyard.

It would seem that the wealthy left is not ready for anything that may come their way.

The Democrats won't survive a climate catastrophe, and that's a lesson we can learn from Martha's Vineyard

The arrival of fifty individuals in the country illegally disrupted the peace and quiet of a wealthy suburb in the United States in the twenty-first century. It would seem that there was a humanitarian crisis, and the limousine liberals who live in that region realized that they lacked the resources necessary to cope with the little disruption that it made to their otherwise cushy lives as a result of the crisis. The Democrats have been anticipating the Mad Max world for decades, but they are completely unprepared for it, as evidenced by the invasion of Martha’s Vineyard, which was coordinated by Ron the Impaler, the merciless monarch of Florida. This global cataclysm will bring about the world that Democrats have been expecting for decades.

According to Blaze Media, wealthy residents of the island have set up a GoFundMe campaign with the heading “Urgent plea to help Martha’s Vineyard migrants.” Is it true that any of the fifty Venezuelans who were assisted have been given any of the more than $42,000 that was donated? In point of fact, they did not. There is a balance of over $14 million in the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation, which will be the recipient of the contribution. For the record, the foundation is now attempting to generate additional money from a Migrant Relief Fund because “champagne socialists” living in their multimillion-dollar villas are “concerned about the well being of the migrants… on our Island,” according to the organization.

Our island? The now-famous Florida Fifty have been sent to a military installation in a location sufficiently far so that the residents of the Vineyard would not be forced to listen to their cries of agony or smell the repulsive foreign food that they consume.

Is Martha’s Vineyard Capable of Making It?

Because of this, it was anticipated that the wealthy residents of the Vineyard would be well-prepared for the approaching environmental catastrophe. If that is the case, then spending 14 million dollars doesn’t seem to make much sense. Canapés in massive numbers for the most legendary of all outdoor parties?

Martha’s Vineyard is an island that is located in the state of Massachusetts. It has an elevation of around 72 feet above sea level and is arguably most known for being the home of the Teddy Kennedy School of Driving, which is located on Chappaquiddick, which is only a short swim away. Additionally, there is evidence that suggests that Mother Nature harbors ill will against this key position since it was not always an island. What can we expect when the sea levels begin to rise, as the majority of residents, if not the majority, have said they will?

In addition to this, who in their right mind would live on a rock that is 72 feet above the Atlantic Ocean if they believe that negligent human activity would bring flooding along the majority of the world’s existing coastlines? The people who live on Martha’s Vineyard could be planning to flee the island with their boats.

Therefore, it would seem that middle-class and wealthy Americans on the left are not particularly well equipped. That makes absolutely no logic at all. Is it even somewhat possible that they will not believe their own Chicken Little forecasts? They could really feel that they have the power to coerce the rest of us into a life of crawling about in the dark and eating bugs in order to avert disaster.

When the affluent islanders of Martha’s Vineyard argued that they did not have the “resources” to welcome four score “migrants,” they were basically admitting that they had the resourcefulness that is required to cope with the situation. When global warming and climate change reaches a tipping point (or has it already reached this point? ), the privileged, old-money, not-in-my-backyard poseurs of that small island will be among the first to surrender to the grim new reality.

Nothing new about the fifty Venezuelans has been brought to our attention as of yet. What are your thoughts on Venezuela in light of recent events? Don’t worry too much about such things. The people who live in Central America and South America are known for their resiliency. Door boats were vessels that carried Cuban immigrants to the United States. Those individuals will be OK; when the homeless people from a flooded Martha’s Vineyard walk up to their homes, they may politely reject to help them. The island will be fine.

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