The Federal Aviation Administration has warned that New York airports may have delays of up to two hours on Monday.

The Federal Aviation Administration has warned that New York airports may have delays of up to two hours on Monday

Be forewarned, New York City area travelers: it might be a difficult night at the airports in the region.

The Federal Aviation Administration said on Monday, August 15, that it lacks sufficient personnel to efficiently manage the airspace around the city and that significant delays are probable.

“Due to manpower availability tonight, the FAA must reduce the number of flights in a specific airspace serving New York City in order to maintain safety. Today evening, departure and arrival delays might reach two hours at John F. Kennedy International, New York LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty International airports.” According to a government-issued statement. “Passengers must anticipate delays and monitor for updates. For specific flight details, please contact your airline.”

As of 6:20 p.m. ET, JFK, Newark Liberty International Airport, and La Guardia International Airport had a total of 86 delayed flights, according FlightAware’s Misery Map.

According to Delta Air Lines spokesperson Morgan Durrant, transatlantic flights that typically leave later in the day are the most likely to be delayed.

“There will be a delay, but will it have an affect on other areas in the Delta system at this time of day? not even close “Durant reported to USA Today. “Customers must ensure they have the FlyDelta app and are registered into it so that we may send information on their flights.” He went on to explain that the airline would collaborate with the FAA “on the finer elements of departure routes” to get as many planes out on time as possible, but that other airlines will compete for the same – more restricted – airspace.

United Airlines also acknowledged minimal delays in the New York area in a statement to USA TODAY.

Nick Calio, the CEO of Airlines for America (A4A), expressed concern regarding FAA staffing in a letter to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg in June.

“According to one of our A4A member airlines, at least one-third of recent flight cancellations were due to air traffic control (ATC) issues. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is often compelled by inclement weather to employ Ground Delay Programs (GDP) or other traffic management procedures that hinder the ATC system for several hours.” Consequently to the letter. “However, we have also seen that FAA ATC staffing issues have resulted in blue sky traffic limits.”

A4A represents the bulk of the United States’ largest airlines.

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