A fatal accident involving Mini Makers, an Irish night, and a vehicle traveling through a Southern state

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A fatal accident involving Mini Makers, an Irish night, and a vehicle traveling through a Southern state

Greetings to everyone in the neighborhood once again. It is now Tuesday where I am in Smithtown, and I have responded to your email with an update on the most important happenings of the day. Continue reading if you are interested in finding out what’s going on.

To begin, here is the outlook for today:

There was a lot of sunlight but it was also hot and sticky. We started out at 80 degrees and ended up at 61 below.

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The following are the five most significant pieces of news to come out of Smithtown today:

An Irish Night will be held at the Kings Park Heritage Museum on the 22nd of September. Tonight, starting at seven o’clock, there will be musical performances at the RJO theater. Free admission is offered to guests, however donations of any kind are gratefully accepted. (The Reasons Why Smithtown Is So Important)

On Sunday, September 18, an automobile accident near exit 40 of the Southern State Parkway claimed the life of Jessica Gonzalez, who was 19 years old and from the town of Commack, New York. It was reported to the authorities that her 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe collided with a barrier. Gonzalez was deemed to have passed away at the scene of the accident after being ejected from the car after the collision. (Everything Relates to Smithtown)

The Horizons Counseling and Education Center was the recipient of a donation in the amount of $70,000 from the Town of Smithtown. Those who are in need of help are encouraged to go to the facility that is located on Main Street. Two of the county’s supervisors, Ed Wehrheim and Rich Schaffer, made gifts to the facility, and both of them participated in a ceremony that recognized their generosity and thanked them for their support. According to the reports from the TBR News Media

Anyone looking for a new home in the Smithtown area may find the weekly update that Patch provides on the most current real estate listings in the area to be of interest. Patch publishes this news on the website Patch. Take a look at the most recent five homes that have been placed up for sale in the Smithtown area. if one were to believe what was printed in the Smithtown News Bulletin,

The annual community festival known as Commack Day will get underway this coming weekend. On Saturday, starting at 11 a.m., there will be a variety of activities, including games, food, music, and more, taking place in the open air at Hoyt Farm. The Eric Spinato Scholarship Fund is going to be the one to benefit from the proceeds of the event. Patching of Events

A Glance at Smithtown in the Present Day:

The Fun Factor Increases by a Factor of Two (Smithtown Library-Smithtown Building). (10 a.m.)

Sing Me a Song About a Sixpence (Smithtown Library-Commack Building). (11 a.m.)

Creativity in the Visual Arts Generated by Groups of People (Smithtown Library-Smithtown Building). (Noon)

Smithtown Library and Smithtown Building will host a Fall Crafting Fun event (3 p.m.)

Smithtown Library’s Kings Park Room will be hosting the children’s program “Little Inventors” (3:30 p.m.)

This is a copy from my notebook:

At the Sweetbriar Nature Center, you will see the following: “This little opossum has had a very unfortunate day. It seems that he was attacked by a cat while he was in the front yard of a home since he appears to be paralyzed. When the owner of the opossum saw that his pet hadn’t moved for some while, he brought him inside.” (Taken from the Facebook page of the Sweetbriar Nature Center)

At St. Patrick School in Smithtown, kids of Mrs. Verso’s will participate in a variety of fun extracurricular activities. (This is a post from St. Patrick’s Elementary School in Smithtown, which may be seen on Facebook.)

The Smithtown Performing Arts Center is where you should go “Our cast can’t wait to finally introduce themselves to you! Beginning on September 30 and running through October 29, ‘The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical’ will be performed.” (This information was taken from the Smithtown Performing Arts Center’s Facebook page.)

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This event is now being held for the third time in total (September 24)

EmblemHealth will be hosting a Wellness Expo with the goal of promoting healthier futures. The event will have free entry, live music, and other activities. (September 24)

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