Luke Finamore, Dominic Sanzone, and Emmett Zeman have all earned the rank of Eagle Scout in Troop 7.

Luke Finamore, Dominic Sanzone, and Emmett Zeman

Rob Trotta, a legislator for Suffolk County, and Mario Mattera, a senator for the state of New York, have extended their congratulations to the three new Eagle Scouts who have been promoted to the rank of Eagle Scout from St. James Boy Scout Troop 7, where they were previously members of the rank of Life Scout. Rob Trotta and Mario Mattera are both people who serve in the Senate of the state of New York. At a ceremony that was held at the American Legion Post in Smithtown, three Boy Scouts were honored with the promotion to the rank of Eagle Scout. This achievement was handed to the Scouts as part of the program. Guests at the celebration included not just the hosts’ friends and acquaintances, but also members of the hosts’ families. During the time that they were honoring their achievement, they were joined by members of their family, friends, as well as other scouts and scout leaders, in addition to more guests. Both Rob Trotta, who serves Suffolk County in the New York State Legislature, and Mario Mattera, who serves the state of New York as a senator, were present.

Luke Finamore, a native of St. James who is a member of the congregation of Saints Philip and James, was the individual in charge of the landscaping and the restoration of the courtyard that is located around the monument in the Mary Monte Building. The courtyard is located inside the Mary Monte Building. The statue may be found at the exact geographic middle of the courtyard. When he ended his labor by placing a golden-hued concrete seat in front of the monument, he felt his work to be complete. The bench had been fashioned out of concrete.

Emmett Zeman, a resident of Stony Brook, was one of the persons who made a gift to a landscaping project that was carried out at the American Legion Post 95 in St. James. The project was carried out to improve the appearance of the grounds. In addition to the construction of new retaining walls on each side of the doorway, bark nuggets were also placed in the area. In addition to that, he corrected an issue that had been taking place with the gutters and the drainage system. To be more specific, he was able to resolve the problem.

Dominic Sanzone, who lives in St. James, is the one who was responsible for the renovation of the ladies’ bathroom at the American Legion Post 95 in St. James. p>The new look of the ladies’ restroom may be seen at the American Legion Post 95. p> In addition to that, he installed brand-new components for the ceiling, the vanity, the sink, and the toilet in the bathroom. Additionally, he disassembled the previous lighting fixtures in order to install the new ones. In addition to that, he gave the room a fresh coat of paint and enhanced the lighting. He also upgraded the vanity, sink, and toilet, in addition to the flooring. In addition to that, he painted the space with a brand fresh coat.

During the event, Legislator Trotta recognized every Eagle Scout by presenting them with a proclamation acknowledging their ascension to the rank of Eagle Scout upon successfully meeting the required criteria. This was done in order to honor the accomplishment of the Eagle Scouts. This was done as a way to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication in attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. According to a statement that was sent to Rob Trotta, a member of the legislative body for Suffolk County, this is a tremendously proud occasion for these young people, and this success will remain with them for the rest of their life.

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