Police A guy from Ronkonkoma is suspected of robbing nine separate businesses in Suffolk County.

Police A guy from Ronkonkoma is suspected of robbing nine separate businesses in Suffolk County

During the course of this year, law enforcement investigators in Suffolk County caught a man from Ronkonkoma on suspicion of breaking into nine separate business facilities placed inside the county. These locations were all located within Suffolk County. These establishments may all be found within the boundaries of Suffolk County. The individual in issue was apprehended by law enforcement in Suffolk County, and their efforts were effective. All of these companies may be found inside the confines of the county of Suffolk, which is situated in the upper-northeast corner of the state.

On Friday night, at the end of the workday, Robert Blackmore was taken into custody on the Long Island Expressway in Dix Hills, which is situated in the hamlet of Dix Hills. This took place on the Long Island Expressway in Dix Hills. On the Long Island Expressway, the day came to a close as the sun went down, marking the end of the waking hours. This happened in the hamlet of Dix Hills, which is located on the Long Island Expressway.

The authorities believe that he broke the glass storefronts in Ronkonkoma, Islandia, Smithtown, Hauppauge, Commack, Bohemia, and Patchogue with a rock before entering the establishments and stealing them. After then, he ran away from the site. The majority of the companies were located in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. These areas may be found within the confines of Suffolk County. On the island of Long Island, the counties of Nassau and Suffolk were home to the vast majority of the island’s commercial establishments.

After Blackmore was taken into custody, he was eventually charged with nine different counts of burglary since it was determined that he was the one responsible for the crime.

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