Sharks It’s not just a theory; they exist and always have.

Sharks It's not just a theory; they exist and always have

The following comment was made by Hans Walters, a shark specialist at the New York Aquarium, in response to the recent run of shark attacks in this region: “People swim with sharks all the time; they simply don’t notice it.”

I made this remark in a way that was both obvious and unanticipated many years ago, when I was sailing from Long Island to the Elizabeth Islands, which are situated off the coast of Massachusetts. I was going from Long Island to the Elizabeth Islands in a manner that was both obvious and unanticipated. I was in the middle of making my way from Long Island to the Elizabeth Islands at the time.

In order to have a better view of a typical Rhode Island beach when I was sailing down the coast of Rhode Island, I took the executive decision to move my boat closer to shore than I had originally meant to go. This choice allowed me to get a closer look at the beach. I really hope you enjoy looking at these photos! I looked down while driving with my left hand and saw other individuals having a fantastic time in the water. I continued to steer with my left hand. My right hand was the one that was used to grasp the tiller. A shark’s tail fin that was approximately 10 feet away from our boat was clearly visible to me. Although there was a shark in the water not too far from shore, it is very unlikely that any of the people who were swimming in the water were aware of the presence of the shark.

In reference to the ongoing problem with sharks, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone was quoted as saying, “It’s possible that we’re in a new reality.” Those who like spending time in the water as a kind of recreation are going to find it pretty unsettling to ponder the possibility that this “new reality” may evolve.

Suffolk County Governor Kathy Hochul made a statement on Thursday about the extension of shark monitoring measures. According to what she indicated, there would be an increase in the number of patrols around the shoreline “whether by land, sea, or air.” A greater number of lifeguards will be stationed at state beaches, and in addition to the means that they already employ for patrolling, the state police will also make use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and helicopters.

“Despite the fact that the thought of swimming in the same sea as sharks may make you queasy, this activity does not provide a particularly high level of danger to participants. Although there are potential risks associated with every aspect of life, swimming in an area containing sharks does not even come close to topping the list of the most hazardous pastimes. It is estimated that elephants are responsible for no more than five deaths each year, which is one hundred times less than the number of deaths that are caused by humans. It is common for these attacks to be the result of human provocation or incorrect identification, and each year there are just five people who are slain as a direct consequence of these assaults. If one were to put their faith in the website known as “Xplore Our Planet,” they would end up gaining access to some fascinating knowledge. Okay, but there are also other injuries that need to be considered, such as the recent amputation of a young woman’s leg in the state of Florida. These are all things that need to be taken into consideration. These are all aspects that have to be taken into account, so keep them in mind. This raises a whole new issue that has to be taken into consideration.

According to the information that is provided on the website, “It is safe to swim with sharks if you do it in the appropriate way.” The question that has to be addressed, though, is “How can you swim safely amid sharks?” According to the guideline, the first and most important thing that you should do is “Be Cautious Around the Big Three.” The great white shark, the bull shark, and the tiger shark are the three types of sharks that, according to this theory, are to blame for almost every significant or catastrophic event that has taken place. If this is the case, then how is the typical person supposed to differentiate between the approximately 500 different species of sharks that are known to inhabit the waters around the world?

After that, it makes the following statement: “They know it is time to eat when they spot a fish in trouble or a seal acting in a fearful manner; at this point, they go in for a quick and easy kill. When they see a fish in trouble or a seal acting in a fearful manner, this serves as a signal for them. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and start flapping your wings or jumping in and out of the water with intense enthusiasm, you will replicate the feelings of a wounded prey and increase the likelihood that an attack will be launched against you in error. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and start flapping your wings or jumping in and out of the water with intense enthusiasm, you will replicate the feelings of a wounded prey. Is it always feasible to avoid being emotionally engaged or “flapping about” in the water despite the circumstances?

The second choice available to you on the menu is for you to consider the current state of the water. The majority of people have the incorrect notion that sharks do not possess amazing vision skills; nevertheless, this misconception is dispelled in the documentary entitled “Explore Our Planet.” On the other hand, while operating in murky waters, this eyesight does not function very well…. In order for people to be able to swim without being concerned about being eaten by sharks, there has to be a sufficient degree of visibility, if for no other reason than to send the message that humans are not on the menu. On the other side, the water purity of the ocean in the Caribbean is often better than that of the ocean off the shore of Long Island. This is especially true in the Bahamas. The percentage of people who are ignorant has reached a staggeringly high level.

“Dive in Groups” is yet another option that may be selected from the menu at your disposal. According to the data shown on the page, it seems that “Because a single person is less of a threat than a collection of people, they are more likely to be singled out by adversarial forces. If you swim together as a group, it will be more easier to present a united front against antagonism than if you swim with other people.” Okay, but even if there is no one else on the beach, doing what you need to do won’t be nearly as simple as it would be if there were other people there.

When it comes to trying to figure out why there have been so many shark attacks in recent years, this area has a formidable obstacle in the form of a challenge.

The presence of sharks in the seas of the ocean close to Long Island, which I regard to be the most significant reason for concern, is connected to climate change as well as the increasing temperatures of the ocean. This is the most important factor that gives rise to worry. There is also a possibility of a rise in the number of bunker fish, which are the principal source of feed for sharks. This would be beneficial for the sharks. In addition, as a result of recent efforts that have been made to clean up the water around Long Island, there is now a greater number of sharks in the surrounding area.

In an editorial that was just published by us, we mentioned how “Sharks have entered our list of worries” not too long ago. It began by proposing that we include shark attacks into the concept of “the high-pressure fire hose of catastrophic happenings that is sprayed daily into our lives.” On the other side, it was stressed that although there is an annual average of five fatalities caused by sharks, there are around 236,000 deaths caused by drowning. This statistic was shown as a comparison. This number served as a point of reference in the discussion. And the resources that are being put into activities at Long Island beaches that are focused on sharks, such as drones and patrols, will just serve to repeat the response to the most critical problem, which is: yes, there are sharks out there. In other words, there are sharks out there. However, shark attacks pose the greatest risk to human beings, which may seem counterintuitive when one considers the number of times that sharks are to blame for the deaths of people. People, you need to stop being so preoccupied with everything and move on.

When I was first learning how to swim, the place where I spent the most of my time was in Long Island Sound, which is located very near to Wading River. In terms of the number of sharks it contains, it is incomparable to the population of the Atlantic Ocean. On the other hand, in the year 2019, a great white shark of 10 feet in length was seen swimming in Connecticut Sound. Since it was tagged in 2018, CNN was able to get this information, which enabled them to announce that it “was detected…south of Long Island in the New York Bight” in 2019. This was possible since the information was readily accessible to them.

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