Two suspects were taken into custody at Smith Haven Mall following a car theft.

Two suspects were taken into custody at Smith Haven Mall following a car theft

The Suffolk County Police Department made an arrest today in connection with the theft of an automobile from a guy who had parked it in Lake Grove. The vehicle was taken from the man’s driveway.

A guy was awakened from his nap at two o’clock in the afternoon by the sound of someone looking through his pockets. The man had fallen asleep while charging his Chevrolet Bolt in the parking lot of the Smith Haven Mall, and he had dozed off while charging his vehicle. The individual had slept off while his vehicle was being charged, which is why we found him sleeping. The victim was confronted by two individuals who demanded money from him before spraying an irritant in his face and dragged him away from the vehicle. Additionally, the wounded was extricated from the moving car. The car that belonged to the victim was used by the accused as they made their getaway from the scene.

The two persons were discovered one hour later at the 7-Eleven store in Centereach, which is situated at 2209 Middle Country Road. This was after an investigation had been finished. While Justin Frare was seated in the passenger seat of the Chevrolet, Christopher Danielo was walking about inside the business with the victim’s credit cards in his hand. The store was the location where they were stolen. These two persons were both complicit in the theft that took place. Both Frare, 32, of Bay Shore and Danielo, 32, of Farmingville have been charged with Second-Degree Robbery, Third-Degree Grand Theft, and Fourth-Degree Grand Theft by detectives from the Fourth Squad and officers from the Fourth and Sixth Precincts, respectively. These charges were brought by the Fourth Squad and the Fourth Precinct. Frare is from Bay Shore and Danielo is from Farmingville. Both guys are also being investigated for Grand Theft in the Fourth Degree, which is an additional offense. All of these men are 32 years old at this point.

Frare and Danielo will be detained for the night before to their arraignment in the First District Court of Central Islip, which is scheduled to take place the next day after their arraignment is scheduled to take place. This is being done in preparation for their arraignment, which will take place the day after tomorrow.

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